If I was truly a skilled tutor then I expect I would not encounter such insouciance in my pupils. You can look that up later.

Aldous is a historian and tutor at Castle Cousland. He appears in the Human Noble Origin story to administer education to the youths of the castle.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Aldous is encountered in the castle's library, tutoring two young squires. He can teach the Human Noble about their family's history and some of the history of Ferelden. If responded to negatively, he may mock the Human Noble for never seeming to learn anything he teaches them. If the player decides to teach the lesson and has at least 16 points into Cunning he will be impressed that some of his lessons seemed to have stuck. He'll fall asleep if spoken to again. Aldous is killed when Arl Howe's men attack Highever on the eve of the Fifth Blight.


  • "I'm glad some of my lessons don't disappear into that yawning chasm between your ears, young man/lady."
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