Alain is a mage of Starkhaven.

Background[edit | edit source]

Alain went to the Circle at the age of six. He used to be a mage at the Circle of Starkhaven before it was burned down.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Act 1

Alain, during Act of Mercy

Alain is involved in the quest Act of Mercy. Ser Thrask sends Hawke a letter asking Hawke to come to a remote cave along the Wounded Coast. When Hawke arrives, Thrask explains that a group of apostates who escaped from Starkhaven are hiding inside. Hawke must get the mages to surrender or else Ser Karras, who will arrive soon, will slaughter them. After entering the cave and eliminating the early threats, Hawke finds Alain, who claims that he never wished to join the group of mages, and is terrified by the use of blood magic. Alain runs to the entrance and surrenders himself to the templars. Alain is taken to the Gallows by Thrask or Karras at the end of the quest.

If Hawke subsequently talks to Alain in the Gallows courtyard, Alain remarks that Starkhaven's Circle was never as strict or abusive as Kirkwall's. Alain says Kirkwall templars beat the mages but are never reported. Alain is forbidden to send mail out, and he found a letter to his parents burned in the furnace. Finally, if Karras was spared, Alain states that Karras threatened to make him Tranquil if Alain told anyone he has been in Alain's chambers.

Act 2

Alain can be encountered again in the Gallows Courtyard with Grace. He claims that after the templars recaptured the runaway Starkhaven mages, three were chosen to be turned tranquil at random. He also states that while Grace may have everyone fooled, he knows she's plotting to escape again.

Act 3

Alain is involved in the quest Best Served Cold. Alain reluctantly joins a plot to overthrow Knight-Commander Meredith Stannard, led by Ser Thrask and Grace. Alain takes a stand against Grace when she says that Hawke must die, but remains silent after Grace strikes him and uses blood magic to kill Thrask and attack Hawke. After Grace is killed, Alain begrudgingly uses blood magic to free the hostage captured by the rebels. Alain is taken by Knight-Captain Cullen, and is either executed or spared based on Hawke's advice. If Alain is spared and Hawke later sides with the Circle of Magi, Alain is present along with Hawke's party in the Gallows prior to the final battle.

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