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“Sometimes that which is most precious can be found where you would least expect to.”

Sister Ailis is a Chantry sister residing with a band of Fereldan outlaws during the Orlesian occupation of Ferelden.


Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne[]

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Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne.

During the Fereldan Rebellion she decided to help an ex-soldier and ex-farmer-turned-outlaw Gareth Mac Tir lead his group of outlaws, hiding from the Orlesians out in the Southron Hills. Gareth has expressed feelings towards the sister, but she remains unwavering in her vows. Loghain later came to the conclusion that Gwaren was simply too broken to indulge in such a relationship, a status that the sister seemed to have understood as well.

At one point, an apostate mage arrived at the outlaw camp. Ailis immediately managed to identify his status as such, which led to Gareth having to ask the outlaw to leave due to the potential trouble he could bring from the Templars.

When Gareth's son, Loghain Mac Tir, rescues prince Maric Theirin from the nearby woods - after the assassination of Maric's mother, Moira Theirin - and brings him to the camp, Ailis tends to his wounds. Maric is initially untrusting of anyone, and does not reveal his royal status, but Ailis knows he is no commoner by his education.

The attackers working for the usurper, Meghren, manage to track Maric down to the outlaws' camp. This forces Gareth Mac Tir to order his son to get Maric to safety. Maric thus asks Ailis to bear witness as he bestows the honorary title of knighthood upon Gareth for his costly decision. Ailis then places a piece of clothing she has sown onto Maric as well as giving him a dagger before bidding them farewell. She then insists on accompanying Gareth outside against his better judgement. She was assumed to have been slain in the attack, however, Loghain finds out that she's survived and tracks her down after The Battle of River Dane. Ailis brings Loghain to the site where his father's ashes have been placed. There, the two collectively mourn their losses.

At some point she comes to work in the Royal Palace in order to help raise and educate the young Prince Cailan Theirin.

Dragon Age: The Calling[]

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Dragon Age: The Calling.

Upon King Maric's return from his expedition with the Grey Wardens to the Deep Roads, Cailan would often cling to his father's knees, forcing Ailis to pry him away on several occasions.

Literary works[]

  • Land of the Wilders[1]
  • Legends of Ferelden[2]

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