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“The city of Amaranthine owes you a great debt. Thank you, Commander.”

Aidan is a constable of the city guard in the City of Amaranthine.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Upon arrival at Amaranthine's gates, a guard stops the Warden-Commander and companions to check their bags for smuggled goods. The Constable steps in and scolds the guard for accusing the Commander of the Grey and dismisses him. Constable Aidan tells the Warden-Commander that the situation with the smugglers is dire and asks the Commander to help the city guard.

If the Commander agrees to help Aidan, he gives the Law and Order quest. Completing even the first task of this quest changes how Aidan and the guardsmen treat the Commander; they are grateful for the Commander's help and praise him/her for going beyond the call of duty. However, if the Commander sides with the smugglers as part of the Smuggler's Run quest, Aidan refuses to speak further with the Commander.

Aidan greets the Warden-Commander's party as they arrive at the besieged city of Amaranthine. Aidan grimly informs the Commander that he believes the city is beyond saving. He suggests putting it to the flame, which would burn the attacking darkspawn, along with the surviving citizens.

If Amaranthine is saved and the Warden-Commander sides with the Amaranthine guard over the smugglers, the epilogue mentions that Aidan distributed the smugglers' goods to the ailing citizens, and remained on good terms with the Wardens, sometimes relying on them for support in matters of law and order.


Law and Order Law and Order
Smuggler's Run Smuggler's Run


  • You can steal about 10Gold from him.