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Throughout their journey, the Inquisitor has the opportunity to recruit several agents to work for the Inquisition. Many of them can be missed and some might disappear if they are not recruited immediately.

Once they have been recruited, they will work for Cullen, Josephine, or Leliana and will count as perks for the purpose of unlocking other perks within the relevant category (Forces, Secrets, or Connections). They will also reduce the time it takes for the relevant advisor to complete war table missions by 5% each. Not all agents count as an Inquisition perk. However, they will still grant an increase in influence, power, and count toward the "Persuasive" achievement.


Some totals are given as ranges as there are cases where the Inquisitor has a choice of where to allocate the agent.

Allocation Count
Connections 6-8
Forces 7-9
Inquisition 1
Secrets 6-8

*Barris (Force) and Alexius (Secrets) are mutually exclusive

Agent Locations[]


Name Recruitment Perk
Jana After the encounter with the Grey Wardens between the North Gate Camp, where you arrive, and the Village of Crestwood, go to the nearby house to find Jana.

If you help the villagers and talk to Crestwood's mayor, Gregory Dedrick, first, then she will move from her house to the top of the stairs outside the mayor's house.

Solas can convince her to join the Inquisition instead of the Grey Wardens, or the Inquisitor can choose an alternate conversation option if they have the Nobility Knowledge perk.

If you wait too long and enter the Flooded Caves during the quest Still Waters, Jana will not be available for recruiting anymore.

Possible approval changes during recruitment:

  • DAIApproval.png Solas Approves (If asked to help or if Nobility perk is used)
  • DAIApproval.png Sera Slightly Disapproves (If Solas asked for help)
  • DAIApproval.png Dorian Slightly Approves (If Nobility Knowledge perk is used)
  • DAIApproval.png Sera Approves (If Nobility Knowledge perk used)
  • DAIApproval.png Cole Approves (Gained whether he's in the party or not)
Note: If you tell Jana to not join the Grey Wardens when you first encounter her (the bottom option in the conversation wheel), then DAIApproval.png Blackwall Slightly Disapproves, whether he's in the active party or not. This is not necessary to recruit her as an agent.

If you do not persuade Jana to join the Inquisition, she will be used as a blood sacrifice at Adamant Fortress during Here Lies the Abyss.


Emerald Graves[]

Name Recruitment Perk
Fairbanks Complete Victims of War, then speak with Fairbanks to recruit him. Completing Noble Deeds, Noble Heart is not required for his recruitment. Connections

Emprise du Lion[]

Name Recruitment Perk
Michel de Chevin Talk to Michel just outside of Sahrnia, then complete Call Me Imshael by defeating Imshael. Return to Michel to recruit him to the Inquisition. Do not make a deal with Imshael, or Michel will be killed. Forces

Exalted Plains[]

Name Recruitment Perk
Loranil Complete By the Grace of the Dalish to earn enough favour with Keeper Hawen to recruit Loranil into the Inquisition. Forces

Fallow Mire[]

Name Recruitment Perk
Sky Watcher Speak to Sky Watcher and close the Fade rift next to him before completing Lost Souls. After defeating the Avvar leader, speak to Sky Watcher again to recruit him. Do not leave the Fallow Mire before recruiting Sky Watcher, or he will disappear forever. Connections

Frostback Basin[]

All three require having the Jaws of Hakkon DLC.

Name Recruitment Perk
Helsdim Rolfsen After completing They Came From Somewhere Else, Trader Helsdin can be asked to join the Inquisition as an agent. Secrets
Sigrid Gulsdotten At the end of In Exile, Sigrid can be asked to join the Inquisition. Connections
Storvacker After completing Storvacker Caged and Hakkon Wintersbreath, Storvacker can be judged by interacting with her. During this judgment, Storvacker can be recruited as an agent. Forces


Name Recruitment Perk
Speaker Anais Talk to her after completing Praise the Herald of Andraste. Ask that her followers spread the word of the Inquisition to recruit her for Josephine or ask that they listen and gather information to recruit her for Leliana. Connections or Secrets
Lord Berand Talk to him after completing Love Waits. Ask that he join the Inquisition for Cullen or tell him to go home for Josephine. Forces or Connections
Clemence Speak to him at the Gull and Lantern in Redcliffe Village during In Hushed Whispers and he will ask to join the Inquisition.
Note: He will not be available for recruitment if Champions of the Just is completed before speaking to him.
Master Dennet Complete Master of Horses and then use Cassandra, Dorian, Vivienne, or either of the History Knowledge or Underworld Knowledge Inquisition perks to convince him to join. Inquisition
Enchanter Ellendra Complete My Lover's Phylactery and use Vivienne or the special dialogue options available to human mage Inquisitors or from the Arcane Knowledge perk to recruit her. Connections
Ritts After rescuing her during Strange Bedfellows, but before turning in the quest, she can be convinced to join by a dwarf Inquisitor, Varric, or by the Underworld Knowledge perk. It is possible to encounter and recruit Ritts before obtaining the related quest.
Note: Turning in the quest without investigating the surrounding right where you rescued her via the "Search" function and initiating her dialogue will cause her to be gone forever
Tanner Begin the quest Business Arrangements and use Cassandra, Varric or an Inquisitor with the Underworld Knowledge perk to get her to join. Recruiting her finishes the quest. Secrets
Vale’s Irregulars To recruit Vale’s Irregulars the Inquisitor needs to help the refugees at the Crossroads by completing East Road Bandits, Templars to the West, Hunger Pangs, In the Elements, Apostates in Witchwood, and A Healing Hand. They then need to ask Corporal Vale to "Recruit the skilled".
Note: Templars to the West and Apostates in Witchwood do not need to be completed if either In Hushed Whispers or Champions of the Just is completed first.

Skyhold judgments[]

Name Recruitment Perk
Gereon Alexius Alexius can be judged at Skyhold after the events of In Hushed Whispers. He can be recruited via the Arcane Knowledge perk to research magic for the Inquisition. Secrets
Florianne de Chalons If Florianne does not survive, the Inquisitor can judge her remains. Sentencing them to community service makes her an agent.
Note: If Florianne survives and the Inquisitor has the Nobility Knowledge perk, she can be recruited so Josephine can put her guile to use for the Inquisition. However, though the game states "Agent Acquired", Florianne does not appear in the Inquisition perk list and does not affect advisor war table operation completion times.
Connections or None
Movran the Under After Lost Souls, Movran can become an agent if the Inquisitor sentences him and his clan to be armed and exiled to Tevinter. He can also be conscripted into the Inquisition under the care of Abernache, if the latter survived Champions of the Just.
Note: Though the decision "Arm and Exile to Tevinter" states "Agent Acquired", Movran will not appear in the Inquisition perk list. However, the option "Assign to Abernache" will result in Movran being added as a perk under Forces.
Forces or None
Servis If Servis is allowed to live in the Western Approach, he can be made into an agent by recruiting him as an informant.
Note: The Underworld Knowledge perk will give an option to recruit Servis as a smuggler, but he will not appear in the list of agents if this is chosen, despite the "Agent acquired" notification.
Secrets or None

Storm Coast[]

Name Recruitment Perk
Blades of Hessarian To recruit the Blades, you must first craft and equip Mercy's Crest which will allow you free passage to challenge their leader. Once he is defeated, the mercenaries will join the Inquisition.
Note: Killing the mercenaries at the Hessarian Camp during Cleaning House quest without wearing the Crest or challenging the boss in the first place will permanently lock you from recruiting them

Therinfal Redoubt[]

Name Recruitment Perk
Barris After defeating the envy demon during Champions of the Just Barris will be recruited automatically, if he survives. See Champions of the Just - Holding the Great Hall for tips on keeping Barris alive. Forces

Val Royeaux[]

Name Recruitment Perk
Belle After speaking with Revered Mother Hevara and the clerics during The Threat Remains, the Inquisitor can speak to the merchant, Belle. She expresses her wish to join the Inquisition and if the Inquisitor accepts her offer she becomes an agent.
Note: Belle will disappear if you speak with Fiona before her. This is very easy to happen by accident because the trigger happens right near the exit gate so be sure to save when you first arrive at Val Royeaux

Western Approach[]

Name Recruitment Perk
Frederic After killing the Abyssal High Dragon, Frederic offers to join the Inquisition. Accepting makes him an agent. Secrets