Agatha is a dutiful templar in Kirkwall who works alongside Ser Mettin.

Background Edit

Agatha is one of the templars under Knight-Commander Meredith, who believes that the duty of a templar should not go beyond the hunting of apostates.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

If Hawke sided with Meredith during Showdown at the start of act 3, Ser Agatha is encountered during the quest The Last Holdouts.

Ser Agatha and Ser Mettin enlists the aid of Hawke in dealing with citizens harboring apostates. Unlike Ser Mettin, she does not hold extreme views about her duties. If Hawke chooses to side with Mettin regarding on how to deal with the mage sympathizers, Hawke will be forced to kill Agatha. Otherwise, Hawke will fight Mettin alongside Ser Agatha.

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