Aegis of the Rift is a unique ability from the Inquisitor mini-specialization skill set in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Information Edit

Completely deflects ranged and magical attacks coming from outside the Aegis

Upgrade Edit

Aegis of the Rift Retributive Strike
Upgrade Aegis of the Rift now sends bolts of spirit energy flying back at the attackers.

Damage: 5 per character level
Aegis of the Rift Swift Aegis
Upgrade Your expertise at manipulating the Veil lets you summon Aegis of the Rift more easily

Cooldown Time: 60 Seconds

Bugs Edit

Shadow Strike with the Long Shadows upgrade cast from the inside the shield is dispelled when touching it.

Notes Edit

  • Unlike the alternate ability upgrade added by Trespasser, this ability's two upgrades are of separate nodes, each requiring a single ability point to unlock. Their effects also stack.
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