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Aeducan Thaig was once home to House Aeducan—a powerful dwarven noble house—but has since been lost to the darkspawn. The area is labeled as Ruined Thaig during the Dwarf Noble Origin.


According to the writings of King Ansgar Aeducan, father of Endrin Aeducan, the shield of the Paragon Aeducan was said to be inside a secret chamber.

This section contains spoilers for:
A Tale of Orzammar.

In fact the shield was planted there by Prince Bhelen Aeducan in order to be retrieved by the Dwarf Noble as part of his plot to eliminate both of his siblings and become the heir to the throne of Orzammar.

In ancient times, King Kelgak ordered the construction of a Deep Roads connection which directly linked the thaigs of Aeducan and Gundaar. A commemorative plaque of this event was erected in a hallway beneath Crestwood.


Dwarf Noble Origin[]

Dragon Age: Origins[]


Aeducan Thaig Map Origins

Map of the area

A Tale of Orzammar[]

An Expedition to the Deep An Expedition to the Deep

Dragon Age: Origins[]

Dwarf Noble Origin Dwarf Noble Origin
A Noble Expedition A Noble Expedition
Asunder Asunder
A Prince's Favor: The First Task A Prince's Favor: The First Task

Hostile creatures[]



Area-Aeducan Thaig

Deep Roads outside the Aeducan Thaig


Notable Items[]

Bag of Limbs Bag of Limbs - in Small Bloody Sack.
Codex entry: Asunder Codex entry: Asunder - in Small Bloody Sack.
Fire Crystal Fire Crystal - in Fractured Stone.
Frozen Lightning Frozen Lightning - in a Fractured Stone.

Companion Gifts[]

Black Runestone Black Runestone - in an unlocked chest.


Special objects[]

Dwarf Noble Origin[]

Dragon Age: Origins[]

Codex entries[]

Codex entry: Dragon Age Codex entry: Dragon Age


  • If the Warden does not enter the thaig as part of A Prince's Favor: The First Task, this thaig can still be accessed for extra experience and treasure when they are allowed access to the Deep Roads for the task of finding Paragon Branka. While there are no plot-relevant locations or items here, it is essential to visit the area to finish the side quest Asunder.
  • The Warden is not able to venture further into the Deep Roads from Aeducan Thaig—they must return to their patron (i.e., Bhelen or Harrowmont to continue A Paragon of Her Kind.
  • The deepstalker cavern (with Deepstalker leader and three lootable objects) (southeast) and the Small Bloody Sack for the Asunder side quest (west) are not marked on the mini-map with a cross; their approximate location relative to the main path is included.
  • During A Tale of Orzammar DLC and Dwarf Noble Origin the thaig is labeled as "Ruined Thaig".