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'''Aeducan''' is the surname of a leading dwarven [[house]] in [[Orzammar]]. Aeducan could refer to:
#REDIRECT [[House Aeducan]]
== People ==
* [[Prince Bhelen Aeducan]]: Third child of King Endrin.
* [[King Endrin Aeducan]]: Second son of King Ansgar Aeducan and the most respected monarch for four generations.
* [[Trian Aeducan]]: Eldest child of King Endrin.
* [[Piotin Aeducan]]: Bhelen/Trian/Dwarf Noble Warden's Cousin. Fought in the last round of the Proving during the Main Questline.
== Other ==
* [[Aeducan Thaig]]
* [[House Aeducan]]

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