Advanced Crafting is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition. It serves as an introduction to enchanting and masterwork items.

Skyhold has a lot more for Harritt to work with. The blacksmith can now craft some truly advanced items.

Acquisition Edit

Visit the Undercroft once the war table operation Acquire the Arcanist has been completed to unlock this quest.

Walkthrough Edit

To complete the quest you need to enchant an item and create a masterwork.

To enchant an item you must first find or craft a rune at the Weapon Crafting station then equip it to a weapon at the Weapon Modification station.

Bonny Sims, near Skyhold's stables, is the closest merchant that sells the Blank Runestone needed if you wish to craft a rune. See Runes for more information.

To create a masterwork, you must have a weapon or armor schematic and at least one masterwork crafting material.

This quest demonstrates that weapons and armor schematics that didn't previously have a masterwork slot now do because Skyhold has improved Harritt's skills. See Crafting and Crafting materials for more information.

Rewards Edit

  • Enchanting an item yields 128 XP and 80 Influence
  • Crafting a masterwork item yields 128 XP and 80 Influence
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