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'''Adorno Ciel Otranto''' is a noble from [[Antiva]].
Lord '''Adorno Ciel Otranto''' is a noble from [[Antiva]].

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Lord Adorno Ciel Otranto is a noble from Antiva.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

If the Inquisitor is engaged in a romance with Josephine, their relationship hits a snag when Josephine receives word from her parents that they have engaged her to Lord Otranto of Antiva. She asks the Inquisitor to put their relationship on hold while she tries to find a way out of the engagement. However, she lets slip that one option would be to challenge Otranto to a duel. The Inquisitor then arranges for a duel against Otranto without Josephine's knowledge. Upon meeting, Otranto tosses the Inquisitor a rapier for their duel. They proceed to trade blows while trading banter. The duel comes to a halt as Josephine interrupts. Otranto attempts to address her but Josephine ignores him, focusing on chastising the Inquisitor for recklessly risking their life. The Inquisitor can then either break off the romance or confirm it. For the latter option, Josephine reciprocates her love and the pair share a kiss. Otranto admits that he knows true love when he sees it and cheerfully withdraws his family's betrothal.

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