Aden is the assistant to the harbourmaster, Liam, at the Kirkwall Docks.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Aden is involved in the quest Finders Keepers. After Martin asks Hawke to find his cargo, Hawke must travel to the Kirkwall Docks. From there, some dockworkers direct Hawke to Liam. Upon questioning Liam about the cargo, he quickly brushes Hawke off. Instead, his assistant, Aden, talks to Hawke. He proves uncooperative however, as he has "forgotten" the location of the cargo Hawke seeks. He suggests that the clink of gold often jogs his memory.

If Hawke has an aggressive disposition, they are able to intimidate Aden into telling them where the cargo is being stored. Otherwise they have to pay him for information. If Isabela is in the party, she will mention that the harbourmaster leaves his office at nightfall, giving Hawke the option to return at night and learn the location of the cargo from Liam's papers.

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