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Afterwards The Inquisitor can order [[Bull's Chargers]] to tear the fort down.
Afterwards The Inquisitor can order [[Bull's Chargers]] to tear the fort down.
== Gallery ==
== Gallery ==

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Adamant Fortress is an Orlesian fortress constructed by dwarves in the Western Approach that stands on the very edge of the Abyssal Rift - a deep chasm that is believed to run as far down as the Deep Roads.


The fortress appears to be small, but is sturdy, with tall walls made of dark jetstone and metal ramparts. In fact it is built into the side of the chasm with vast halls down below. Once, it belonged to the Grey Wardens who beat back the darkspawn that rose from the chasm during the Second Blight, a symbol of their impossible achievement. Then, it housed more than a thousand men and griffons - with weyrs opened onto the chasm.

With passing years, the Western Approach became a wasteland and maintaining the keep became more and more expensive in the eyes of the visiting Warden-Commanders. The sacrifices of the order became a distant memory to the locals, who despite demon attacks on the area's population considered only the Grey Wardens themselves to truly be in danger from the thin Veil and the darkspawn crawling out of the Abyssal Rift. As personnel dwindled and the griffons no longer helped surveil the badlands, the Wardens ultimately pulled back in disgrace to Montsimmard. At the dawning of the Blessed Age, Adamant fortress was abandoned, having become a symbol of the Wardens' decline in the region.[2]


Dragon Age: Asunder

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Dragon Age: Asunder.

The keep became a home for the tranquil named Pharamond, who conducted his research there due to the Veil being very thin. The keep's inhabitants supported his research and even sealed the keep at the Lord Mayor's suggestion. As a result of his experiments, the fortress was overrun by demons in 9:40 Dragon. All buildings but the keep itself were burned to the ground, and most of the inhabitants were killed and their corpses were possessed.

The only survivor who was found was a female human named Dabrissa.[3]

Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

In 9:41 Dragon, Adamant is reoccupied by the Orlesian Grey Wardens, who had allied with the Venatori. Sacrificing their own warriors, enthralled Warden mages began summoning demons, ostensibly to march into the Deep Roads to kill the Old Gods. However, the fortress came under siege by the Inquisition, due to the Wardens sheltered Magister Livius Erimond, a member of the Venatori. When the Inquisitor, Hawke and a Warden ally reaches Warden-Commander Clarel, they were able to convince her that Erimond is in league with Corypheus, an ancient darkspawn. In the resulting battle, the Inquisitor, Hawke, the Warden ally and their party accidentally fall into the Fade. After escaping the dream realm, with either Hawke or the Warden ally staying behind to fight the Nightmare demon, the inquisitor has the option of either allying with the surviving Wardens or exiling them from Orlais.

Afterwards The Inquisitor can order Bull's Chargers to tear the fort down.



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