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Acquire the Arcanist is a war table mission in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


This mission is available on the Ferelden side of the War table in Skyhold.

Mission Text

Skyhold has incredible potential for runecrafting and mastercraft smithing, if only we had a gifted mind to gain full benefit. The war and the Venatori have claimed many experts, but we have located an "arcanist" with great skill and a reputation for humbling first enchanters in both Andrastian and Imperial Circles. Two assassination attempts---and at least one explosion---have made landholders reluctant to allow her passage through their territory. It will take significant effort to bring her from Tantervale, but this arcanist would be invaluable to the Inquisition.


The arcanist has been secured, despite great cost and concern of more than a few traditional-minded mages. She awaits a meeting with the Inquisitor in the Undercroft.


Unlocks the arcanist Skyhold's Undercroft.