For the staff in Dragon Age: Origins, see Acolyte's Staff (Origins).
For the staff in Dragon Age II Act 2, see Acolyte's Staff (Dragon Age II Act 2).

Acolyte's Staff is a unique staff in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

Notes Edit

  • This weapon shares its name and appearance with another staff (available in Act 2), however the two staves differ in stats.
  • This weapon's perks work best with an Elemental mage, especially one with Fireball, Pyromancer and Firestorm unlocked.
  • This weapon has a base damage comparable to staves found much later in the act, at greater cost, or only in premium and promotional content, and is guaranteed to be available unlike random drops, making it one of the most reliable and readily-available weapons to use throughout Act 1. With an equip cost of only 24 Magic, it can be equipped as early as Level 5 provided the player has put enough attribute points into Magic.
  • The physical "element" of the staff is particularly useful for players who are unfamiliar with the elemental immunities of enemies on Nightmare difficulty; while it does not confer bonus damage for exploiting weaknesses, it prevents the player from finding themselves in an encounter with an enemy that is utterly immune to their most basic attacks, which is either fatal to the mage or necessitates switching to a potentially weaker staff with the correct element mid-battle, which would in turn make spells considerably weaker.
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