For achievements in Dragon Age: Origins, see Achievements (Origins).

Achievements or trophies mark specific accomplishments made during all playthroughs of Dragon Age II. These include finishing plot-related activities, making specific choices at certain key points in the game, crafting choices, and performing certain tasks and meeting certain individuals. Each milestone also awards the player a certain number of points.

Main game

NameRequirementGamer ScoreTrophy typeImage
Stone ColdDefeated the rock wraith on your expedition into the Deep Roads5BronzeStone Cold
King of the HillDefeated the Arishok10BronzeKing of the Hill
ConquerorDefeated Meredith, knight-commander of Kirkwall's templars15BronzeConqueror
TalentedUpgraded a spell or talent5BronzeTalented
Tag TeamUsed teamwork to perform a cross-class combo5BronzeTag Team
That Thing Has LegsFound and killed a varterral25BronzeThat Thing Has Legs
Dragon SlayerFound and killed a high dragon25SilverDragon Slayer
ExorcistFound and killed the undying Xebenkeck25BronzeExorcist
Demon SlayerFound and killed the ancient demon, Hybris25SilverDemon Slayer
Weapon MasterMastered a weapon style25BronzeWeapon Master
UnstoppableCompleted a full year in Kirkwall without any party member being knocked unconscious50SilverUnstoppable
CraftsmanAcquired your first crafting recipe5BronzeCraftsman
FinancierBecame a partner in a Deep Roads expedition10BronzeFinancier
DedicatedReached Level 1015BronzeDedicated
A Friend in NeedUpgraded the armour of one of your party members5BronzeA Friend in Need
EnchanterEnchanted an item5BronzeEnchanter
Master CraftsmanCrafted all of the items from a single crafting tree25SilverMaster Craftsman
MogulHad 100 or more sovereigns in your purse25BronzeMogul
Crowning GloryBecame the viscount of Kirkwall25SilverCrowning Glory
SpecializedTook two class specializations25BronzeSpecialized
I Got Your BackCompletely upgraded the armour of one of your party members25BronzeI Got Your Back
LegendaryReached Level 2050SilverLegendary
ImmigrantBecame a resident of Kirkwall5BronzeImmigrant
Delver of the DeepExplored the Deep Roads10BronzeDelver of the Deep
BirthrightKicked the slavers out of your ancestral mansion15BronzeBirthright
Darkness FallsToggled the map from day to night5BronzeDarkness Falls
ExplorerLeft Kirkwall to explore the outlying regions5BronzeExplorer
SpelunkerVisited 10 caves in Kirkwall and the outlying regions25BronzeSpelunker
Mass ExodusReached Kirkwall with each character class across multiple playthroughs25BronzeMass Exodus
KnowledgeableUnlocked 100 codex entries25BronzeKnowledgeable
Treasure HunterOpened 50 chests25SilverTreasure Hunter
SupplierFound every variety of crafting resources25SilverSupplier
ArcheologistDuring each year in Kirkwall, discovered 3 messages from the Band of Three50SilverArcheologist
Tale Within a TaleListened to Varric begin his tale of the Champion of Kirkwall5BronzeTale Within a Tale
Full HouseRecruited four party members10BronzeFull House
Friends in High PlacesMet Grand Cleric Elthina, Viscount Dumar, Knight-Commander Meredith and First Enchanter Orsino15BronzeFriends in High Places
Gift GiverGave a gift to one of your party members5BronzeGift Giver
FlirtatiousFlirted with one of your party members and began a romance5BronzeFlirtatious
FriendEarned the friendship of one of your party members (must be at 100%)25BronzeFriend
RivalEarned the rivalry of one of your party members (must be at 100%)25BronzeRival
RomanticCompleted a romance with one of your party members25BronzeRomantic
Chantry HistorianFound all four chapters of "The History of the Chantry" by Brother Genitivi25SilverChantry Historian
A Worthy RivalEarned the Arishok's respect25SilverA Worthy Rival
Great Minds Think AlikeEarned the friendship or rivalry of four party members (up to perk level - 50%)50SilverGreat Minds Think Alike
Champion of KirkwallCompleted Dragon Age II20SilverChampion of Kirkwall
MercenaryAllied yourself with the mercenaries upon arriving in Kirkwall10BronzeMercenary DA2
NefariousAllied yourself with the smugglers upon arriving in Kirkwall10BronzeNefarious
Arcane DefenderSided with the mages five times25SilverArcane Defender
Mage HunterSided with the templars five times25SilverMage Hunter
EpicCompleted Dragon Age II twice, or completed it once with a save imported from Dragon Age Origins50GoldEpic
The Ultimate RewardCompleted all Bronze, Silver and Gold Trophies (PS3 only)N/APlatinum64px

Downloadable content

The Exiled Prince

NameRequirementAchievement pointsTrophy typeImage
AvengedConfront the culprit behind the Vael family's murder25BronzeAvenged
Cloak and DaggerMeet secretly with the agent of the Divine25BronzeCloak and Dagger
Loyalty of the PrinceEarn either a friendship or rivalry with Sebastian (must be at 100%)30BronzeLoyalty of the Prince
MementoGive Sebastian a family heirloom25BronzeMemento
RetributionDealt with the mercenaries that killed the Vael family25BronzeRetribution


NameRequirementAchievement pointsTrophy typeImage
ConductorDefeat an ancient evil in the Vimmark Mountains30Silver64px
Deep Roads SafariKill a genlock, genlock alpha, hurlock alpha, bronto, and deepstalker in the Vimmark Mountains15Bronze64px
Family LegacyApply three effects to Hawke's Key30Silver64px
Family OutingComplete the main quest in the Vimmark Mountains with Bethany or Carver in the party15Bronze64px
Tower SweeperComplete every side quest in the Vimmark Mountains prison tower30Silver64px

Mark of the Assassin

NameRequirementAchievement pointsTrophy TypeImage
A New DayMeet Tallis in Hightown.15BronzeA New Day
Chasing the GameLure and kill an alpha wyvern near Chateau Haine.30SilverChasing the Game
Blackjack SubtleEvade vault security in Chateau Haine.15BronzeBlackjack Subtle
The TakeDisarm the fire traps in Chateau Haine's vaults.30SilverThe Take
Mark of the AssassinDefeat Duke Prosper with or without Tallis.30SilverMark of the Assassin
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