Ring Resilience

Accessories are items in Dragon Age II that enhance various aspects of Hawke and companions. Using the right combination of accessories can have a significant impact on a character.

It is important to understand exactly what each accessory is granting you. For example, regeneration rates (one of the most common traits of accessories) are not listed anywhere in the game. Additionally, the game does not include damage modifications from accessories into your stats. Instead, they are applied when the damage is dealt meaning a ring with +3% physical damage will not be taken into account when damage/DPS is displayed on your character sheet. Since enemies have resistances, the damage bonuses are applied AFTER resistance is determined. This, unfortunately, makes determining the best accessories a daunting task.

Basically, if you deal 10 base damage and they resist 5 of it, with a +10% damage bonus you actually deal 5.5 damage, not the 6 you would expect. Lastly, you MUST match damage types when applying accessories. A warrior wielding The Celebrant deals 38 spirit damage; equipping an accessory with +X% physical damage means that when you deal 0 physical damage you still deal 0+(0*0.X) or ZERO additional damage. This is different from the Rune of Devastation's +10% damage attribute because it adds 10% of the total damage after resistances. With few exceptions skills deal in damage multipliers, however for mages it is equally important to note what kind of damage you will be dealing. +X% fire damage will do nothing to aid spirit damage (which is roughly half the damaging skill sets).

Types of accessories Edit

There are three kinds of accessories: amulets, belts, and rings. These items follow the same color scheme as every other item in the game.

Normal Magic Rare Epic DLC
Number of
bonus stats
0 1–2 3 4+ any
Amulet Amulet red DA2 Amulet silver DA2 Amulet gold DA2 Amulet purple DA2 Amulet green DA2
Belts Belt red DA2 Belt silver DA2 Belt gold DA2 Belt purple DA2 Belt green DA2
Rings Ring red DA2 Ring silver DA2 Ring gold DA2 Ring purple DA2 Ring green DA2