Abernath is an apprentice mage of the Circle of Magi and a close friend of Veness.

Involvement Edit

Abernath is a friend to Veness, but shows signs of jealousy when she discusses the templar Sadatt. Veness tells Abernath of her affair with the templar, and he advises her to end the relationship due to the potential consequences of mage-templar pairings. Sadatt sees the two talking closely and mistakes the conversation for something more.

Eight months later, the templars discover Veness is carrying a child and seek to identify the father from among the apprentices. They conjure a spell that will identify the father if he approaches. When Sadatt approaches with Abernath, the spell is triggered. Sadatt is unaware that he is the father.

Abernath tells Veness that he will claim the child as his own and accept the consequences, but after speaking with Knight-Commander Greagoir, he informs Veness that her child will be taken and turned over to the Chantry. Veness, not wanting her child to be taken from her, flees the Circle Tower and becomes an Apostate.

Abernath became an enchanter after Veness left the Tower. He informs Sadatt, now known as Duty, of a reported sighting of the apostate Gleam, and instructs Duty to retrieve her for the Circle, unharmed.

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