The Abandoned Thaig is an old thaig at the west end of Sundermount in the Free Marches. It becomes accessible in Act 2 via a cave entrance marked "Recently Opened Passage". Hidden Dungeon is its name in Act 3.

Involvement Edit

The thaig contains one of the Evil Tomes of Tarohne from the Forbidden Knowledge quest, and perhaps in consequence has become infested with undead and demons. There are also some stone golems and a Nexus Golem, presumably left behind when the thaig was abandoned.

Quests Edit

Quest icon DA2 Forbidden Knowledge (Act 2)
Quest icon DA2 "South-Song" Gerralt's Corpse (Act 2)

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Enemies Edit

Dungeon map (DA2)

Map of the area

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Notable items Edit

Codex icon DA2 Evil Tome (Act 2), on the other side of the room from the Nexus Golem. This item is related to the Forbidden Knowledge quest.
Maul gold DA2 Roadhammer (Act 3)
Light gloves silver DA2 Vir Atish'an (Act 3)

Strategy Edit

Main article: Abandoned Thaig (strategy)

Notes Edit

  • In Act 3, as you enter you will encounter skeleton archers and corpses and, in the hallway, one arcane horror and one revenant along with several skeleton archers and corpses. There will be no enemies in the area with the Nexus Golem.

Bug Edit

  • pcIcon pcxbox360Icon xbox360ps3Icon ps3(1.04): There seems to be a bug that after the end of the long 5 phased battle explained above, no XP will be given as reward.
  • pcIcon pcxbox360Icon xbox360(1.04): All 5 waves of enemies in the center room can spawn at the same time.

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