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A group of refugees are under attack by a large group of Darkspawn.

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  • Refugees

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The darkspawn are divided into two groups:

  • To the right: 5 hurlocks and 2 genlocks.
  • To the left: 4 hurlocks, 1 genlock, and the hurlock emissary.

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Rgt ico elfroot Elfroot

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  • The World map location is labeled as Refugees although, once the Warden enters this location, the local map is labeled Abandoned Meadow.
  • Saving the refugees is optional; there are no consequences if any die or if all live. Save for a few pockets to pilfer.
  • The rocky outcropping between the two groups of darkspawn can interfere with your party's AI pathfinding (but does not seem to interfere with the enemy pathfinding).
  • The emissary boss has Fireball in addition to the spells usually available to this enemy; it has the usual boss resistances to spells. Keep this in mind as he will often use Fireball and Chain Lightning right after one another.
  • The emissary boss can drop 6-7 gold when killed.
  • Once you leave this location you cannot return.

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