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A Worthy Rival is an achievement in Dragon Age II, which is obtained by earning the Arishok's respect during Act 2. Each action below earns a respect "point" towards the achievement.

Act 1[]

  • Bringing Fenris to the first meeting with the Arishok, and selecting the special companion dialogue option when prompted.
  • Selecting "I was promised future profits" at the first meeting with the Arishok, after he tells Javaris to leave.
  • Informing him of the deaths of his Qunari after the main quest Shepherding Wolves.

Act 2[]

During the main quest Offered and Lost:

  • Before attending Ser Varnell's rally near Darktown, informing the Arishok about his envoy being missing.
  • At the end of that quest, advising the Viscount not to burn the bodies (this prohibits Hawke from getting side quest The Fixer and its rewards).
  • After the quest, informing the Arishok about the deaths of his envoys (he responds respectfully whether you blame the zealots or not).

During the main quest Demands of the Qun:

  • If you did the mission To Catch a Thief, informing him about Isabela's involvement when meeting him alongside Aveline.
  • Agreeing with his principles during the dialogue at the compound during Demands of the Qun - ratting out Isabela, saying the elves were right in their vigilante justice, and when he asks you what you would do, telling him you'd keep them rather than turn them over. (Do note this will annoy Aveline. If you take the ambiguous approach as to whether Aveline or the Arishok is right, the achievement will still unlock as long as you do the rest.)


  • Refusing to hand over the elves during Demands of the Qun by using the special aggressive option (available only to an aggressive Hawke).

Unlocking Achievement[]

Earning at least four "points" unlocks extra dialogue when later confronting him at the Keep - Hawke is declared to be "basalit-an," a title bestowed upon those few non-Qunari individuals who are nonetheless deemed by Qunari to be worthy of respect. Earning the achievement requires five. Each bullet point on the list above represents one "point" to be earned.


  • You cannot become basalit-an or unlock A Worthy Rival if you side with Mother Petrice even if you have accumulated enough points.
  • The achievement should unlock immediately after obtaining the fifth respect "point".
  • Earning this alters Tallis' dialogue when captured with Hawke in Mark of the Assassin: "If there's anyone a Qunari would or should consider going to for help, it's you." Note that she will only say this if the DLC is launched during Act 3; fulfilling the conditions that normally unlock 'A Worthy Rival' (the Arishok says he will keep one good thought about [Hawke's] kind) then launching the DLC at some other point in Act 2 does not reference the Arishok's respect for Hawke.