A Warm Welcome is a side quest in The Descent DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition.


After arriving at the Storm Coast Fissure and speaking with Shaper Valta, heading further into the fissure will eventually lead to an encounter with an Ogre alpha.


An Ogre has put out the welcome mat for the Inquisition's visit to the Deep Roads.

Defeat the Ogre alpha. Be wary of approaching the Deep Roads entrance too quickly as the Ogre alpha will come out of the roads already charging. With sufficient care, the party can be held back behind the previous bend in the road using the "defend this spot" instruction, while one character slowly advances forward. If that character retreats immediately to the rest of the party, the ogre will stand around the crates. Keeping the entire party back behind the bend, the ogre can then be cheesed to death by an archer or mage. Valta may run up and attack, but she does no damage and the ogre ignores her.

If the party gets in melee range of the ogre alpha, it may grab a companion or Valta, whom will assist in this fight. Stun the Ogre alpha using abilities which induce stun or knock back, such as Shield Bash to disable the darkspawn for a few moments.


Promise of the Storm icon Silencer
  • Random loot
  • 209-223 Gold
  • 2583 Experience
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