A Travelling Scholar is an event in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from the card Enlightenment or The Knight Requests an Audience.

Description Edit

The University of Orlais is infamously liberal. Exactly how 'unorthodox' do you have to be to get thrown out of it?

The scholar needs a home. He is undoubtedly brilliant - adept in matters of the physick and philosophy, an expert on the movements of the stars - but his political opinions are naive at best, inflammatory at worst.

Available actions Edit


Become his patron
His learning will be a boon to Serault.
+10 Prosperity, +10 Rumors of Revolution


Turn him away, as your nobles advise
Ensure he is escorted across the borders so he doesn't have a chance to foment his revolution.
Difficulty: Rulership*2
Success: +10 Dignity
Failure: +4 Rumors of Revolution, +4 Dignity


Allow him to stay for just a few days
He may have word of Val Royeaux and the places he has passed through.
Difficulty: Scholarship*2
Success: +5 Clues
Failure: +5 Clues, +10 Rumors of Revolution

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