A Test of Mettle and the Crew is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


This operation becomes available following the Outfitting the Crew operation (Part III) and speaking to Sutherland. *The War Table list shows this on the Ferelden side, when it is in fact on the Orlais side

Operation text

A report sealed with the mark of a minor Lord:

It is irrelevant who noticed the darkspawn, Your Worship. Such pockets are not uncommon. We understand that you cannot allow such things on trade routes you wish to exploit. Unfortunately, we cannot allow external forces to cross our holdings. Instead, we request sanction to act under your banner. It is a risk we are prepared to take because such partnership, and the expected increase in status, will be profitable. In return, we will promise resources, but we remain committed to merely observing your greater struggle. I trust you understand.

Lord Presmond-Als

A note by Cullen added below the report:

Brought to our attention by Sutherland and his crew. Charming.

Advisor suggestions

Note: The time listed is the time it takes with no agents.

Josephine - 2:24:00

A holdout over negotiations. This offer comes with caveats, but it is valuable.

Leliana - 3:00:00

Answer with a small group and give this fool no reason to posture. Sutherland and his crew will serve.

Cullen - 3:00:00

Do we need such allies? March.



A simple bargain, and we risked none of our holdings. Lord Presmond-Als was as good as his word, although he leveraged his association with us extensively. Josephine


Sutherland and his company dealt with the darkspawn threat. Lord "Irrelevant" paid no attention to them. I believe he was expecting a larger force he could posture against, not young adventurers. Such a shame to disappoint him. Leliana


Our soldiers report a blockade of sorts. Mere posturing, and they were quick to surrender arms. We removed the darkspawn threat further on, although we have made few friends on the matter. Cullen


Josephine / Cullen

  • Gold (~40-65)


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