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A Ship for Isabela

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|style = {{{style|}}}
|name = [[A Ship for Isabela]]
|act = 2
|image =
|px = 270px
|start = [[Smuggler's Cut]]
|end = [[Isabela]]
|prereqs =
|location = [[The Hanged Man]] ([[Lowtown]])
|appearances = [[Dragon Age II]]
|icon = Quest icon DA2.png
'''A Ship for Isabela''' is an Act 2 [[Companion quests (Dragon Age II)|companion quest]] for [[Isabela]] in ''[[Dragon Age II]]''.
You can find [[Ship In A Bottle]] during [[Blackpowder Courtesy]]. Head to the Hanged Man in Lowtown to give it [[Isabela]].
== Acquisition ==
* "The best thing is below decks." (Flirt) {{Approval2|Isabela|+10}}
Finding a [[Ship in a Bottle]] in [[Smuggler's Cut]] during [[Blackpowder Courtesy]] will trigger the quest.
* "It reminded me of you." {{Approval2|Isabela|+10}}
* "Cute?" {{Approval2|Isabela|+10}}
* "It's not cute." {{Approval2|Isabela|+10}}
== Walkthrough ==
Note all options lead to +10 Friendship with Isabela. This was done with over 50% Friendship. PC Version.
Head to the [[Hanged Man]] in [[Lowtown]] to give it Isabela.
Also note that when given to Isabela with any progress towards rivalry all options lead to +10 rivalry. Xbox 360 version.
[[Category:Dragon Age II companion quests]]
There may be a brief cutscene with Isabela approached at the bar by a man with a very bad pickup line. If you have completed a romance with a character other than Isabela, she will comment on it. Allowing her to make the joke will result in {{Approval2|Isabela|+5}}. Refusing will result in {{Approval2|Isabela|-5}}. This is separate from A Ship for Isabela and may also occur before [[Questioning Beliefs (Isabela Act 2)]], depending on which order you complete the quests and the romance.
The following dialogue options are available on the friendship path:
* "It reminded me of you."
* "Cute?"
* "It's not cute."
* "The best thing is below decks." (Flirt)
The following dialogue options are available on the rivalry path:
* "Don't you like it?"
* "Isn't it cute?"
* "It's an ornament."
* "I wasn't trying to upset you."
* "Exactly."
* "You're such a bitch."
== Result ==
* On friendship path: {{Approval2|Isabela|+10}} (all dialogue options)
* On rivalry path: {{Approval2|Isabela|-10}} (all dialogue options)
* +250 XP
{{DEFAULTSORT:Ship for Isabela, A}}
[[Category:Dragon Age II companion quests|Ship for Isabela]]
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