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A Present for Bianca is a war table mission in Dragon Age: Inquisition.



Operation Text


Heard your little birdies have had recent success picking up shiny things for the Inquisition. Maybe you can help me out. One of the Apprentice smiths saw me walking by with my Bianca, and we struck up a conversation. The apprentice said he once met a Formari mage named Provident who had ideas for improving the precision of siege engines, and wondered if they could be adapted for Bianca, and then he got into phrases like ‘recoil dampening’ and ‘rectilinear motion,’ and I politely excused myself.

Could you tell your magpies to keep an eye out for Provident of his designs? Obviously, I don’t have trouble with Bianca’s accuracy, but she does like it when daddy gets her new fittings.


Advisor Suggestions

Leliana - 00:11:40 (0 agents)

I can certainly tell my agents to look out for this “Provident,” but I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Since the mage rebellion, so many have been killed or lost. I wouldn’t hold my breath for these “designs” either.



I should have had more faith in my agents. Of course they tracked down Provident, who has sought shelter form the Mage-Templar conflict with a wealthy Nevarran patron. We provided a brief description of Bianca, and Provident adapted the design for a leaf-spring stabilizer to suit one of her stocks. We were also able to secure his original designs for our own use in siege engines.




  • Aiming Module II