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A Poisonous Proposition is a side quest requiring the Warden to make or obtain three flasks of venom for Barlin at Dane's Refuge in Lothering.

The farmer Barlin wants to place poisonous traps about his farm to protect it from "beasties" and other trespassers. He's asked you to create a suitable poison for him. Three flasks of venom should do the trick.


  • Ask Barlin "Know of any well-paying work in Lothering?" and ultimately choose "(Poison) I have... dabbled in such things." You'll need three flasks of venom to complete the quest.
  • Leliana or another Poison-Making character can make the venom from three flasks (buy from Barlin) and three Toxin Extracts.
  • The Warden can get Toxin Extracts by killing the giant spiders on the eastern side of town just north of the river.
    • It is also possible to buy toxin extracts from the merchant next to the Chantry.
  • Return to Barlin and give him the venom.


  • 100 XP
  • 75 Silver