The Korcari Wilds are rife with legends and myths that have amazed and confounded scholars since the fall of Ostagar in ancient times. One such mystery lies behind the tale of Astia and Nebbunar. The legend says that Astia grew up in the company of Gazarath, a spirit of the earth. When Astia met Nebbunar, the two fell in love, and Astia hoped to bring her lover to see her spirit friend. But the spirit, angered and jealous, bade her begone. Gazarath told her that she would never see it again until she brought her lover's ashes and sprinkled them over their spot, and on the day Nebbunar asked her to marry him, she cut her beloved's throat, burned him, and brought his ashes to Gazarath.
—From Codex entry: A Pinch of Ashes

Whilst exploring the Korcari Wilds as part of the Tainted Blood and The Grey Wardens' Cache main quests, you find a Dead Soldier who was sent to the Wilds with some interesting information about local myths and legends.

Note: This quest is unmarked and does not appear in the journal

Walkthrough Edit

Rewards (differs) Edit

Ico codex entry Codex entry: Shade, source: After defeating Gazarath
Ico boots light Enchanter's Footing, source: Drop from Gazarath
Ico greatsword Ornamental Sword, source: Drop from Gazarath (currently bugged: see link for workaround)
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