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For the difficulty setting, see Difficulty settings (Origins) and Difficulty settings (Dragon Age II).
For the demon in Dragon Age: Inquisition, see Nightmare (demon).

Each companion has their own nightmare while trapped in the Fade. The maps are all the same, only the inhabitants are different.


After reasoning with a companion, and in some cases defeating hostile spirits, they are freed from their nightmare. Once freed, the companion will disappear and the Warden can continue on. Freed companions can later join in the final confrontation against the Sloth demon.


Broken Circle Broken Circle
Lost in Dreams Lost in Dreams



Map-A Nightmare

Map of the area

Alistair will believe he is with his sister Goldanna and her family. He invites The Warden for food, The Warden may persuade Alistair it's all a trick, or talk to his sister and kill "his family."

Masquerading Demon


Dog will only be asleep; no battle is required to wake him up.


Leliana will be praying with a revered mother, finding "peace," she won't remember the Warden. The Warden need only remind her of her "Dream," and because of the Demons' response she will realize something isn't right. The Revered Mother will then transform into a demon and attack you. Leliana will help you against the demon. After the battle, you may encounter a glitch upon speaking with her, which restarts the entire conversation. There is even still dialogue coming from the Revered Mother, at least, the spot she was standing in. Simply try to leave the area to overcome this glitch. Also, it is possible that during the transformation of the Revered Mother into a Demon, you may speak with Leliana and restart the conversation. You will then be speaking with Leliana, and the demon in Demon form, still using the Revered Mothers voice. It is a glitch.



Morrigan will be talking to her mother, Flemeth, and will not believe it is her and will tell the Warden to kill the spirit. She will comment that the demon is even more annoying than her mother and that it cannot even create a good impression of Flemeth.

Masquerading Demon


Oghren will imagine he is back at a tavern in Orzammar and is being mocked for being unable to carry weapons. The other Dwarves will call him a disgrace to the warrior caste and to the Paragon Branka.



Shale will again be frozen as a statue; no battle is necessary to wake Shale up.


Sten will be with the 2 soldiers he came to Ferelden with, Ashaad (the crouching one) and Karashok (the sitting one). Sten is aware this is not real, but nevertheless he doesn't intend to leave. If you play on his honor and the fact he has to obey you, you can even get some approval out of it.

Masquerading Demons
  • Ashaad (Critter, Qunari)
  • Karashok (Critter, Qunari)


Wynne will believe that there are dead mages around which is her fault and will try to bury them, the Warden must convince her that she is in the Fade. Note: After freeing her from the illusions and killing them; you may end up in a glitch that cycles the conversation over and over again. You will not be able to leave as the game believes you are in combat. To free yourself from this glitch, walk just beyond the portal to leave and you should see a cut-scene that will allow you to continue your journey.

Note: The young elf boy apprentice bears a strong resemblance to Aneirin (albeit with darker hair), Wynne's former apprentice and the subject of her personal quest, although this may be coincidence.


Zevran will be on a rack being 'trained' by the Antivan Crows. If you can convince him he is already a Crow, you can fight the two false Crows but Zevran doesn't help as he's terrified. There is also a glitch were it will start the whole conversation with Zevran over again. Just leave and come back and it will fix itself.

Masquerading Demons
  • Crude Torturer (Critter, Elf)
  • Cruel Torturer (Critter, Elf)

Special objects[]

  • Fade Pedestal - interacting with the pedestal transports the Warden to the travel map.