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A Medical Necessity is the first side quest in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. Vigil's Keep is under siege by darkspawn and there are wounded soldiers who need bandages. Find some bandages for the soldiers.


You get this quest by going to the far left (assuming you're facing the entrance to the throne room) side of the courtyard before you clear the rest of Vigil's Keep. You have to save a soldier who is guarding 3–4 other wounded soldiers lying groaning on pallets. The supplies he asks for are on the far right side of the courtyard, in a crate. Return the supplies to the soldier to complete the quest.


  • The bandages you provided should keep them alive until they can get proper treatment.
  • 750 XP


  • There are two darkspawn attacking the soldier; if you don't move fast they will kill the soldier, making it impossible to do this quest.
  • When you go up the stairs behind the soldier who gave you the quest and walk beyond the wounded soldiers, you will come to a crate which contains the Stormchaser Helm.


  • Sometimes the soldier survives but does not give you the quest (he just walks away).
  • Sometimes the quest does not update when the supplies are picked up.