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===Worked to the Bone===
===Worked to the Bone===
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{{:Vigilance (longsword)|style=iconmini}}{{clrl}}
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===Golem's Might===
===Golem's Might===

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A Master's Work is a quest granted by Wade in Awakening. Master Wade needs a challenge. Find unique materials for him so he can craft some extraordinary items for the Warden.


This is a Vigil's Keep quest with three sub-quests. These quests can be done in any order:

Ico Quest Heart of the Forest
Ico Quest Worked to the Bone
Ico Quest Golem's Might


Heart of the Forest

IconeHeartwoodShield Heartwood Shield
Heartwood Bow Heartwood Bow

Worked to the Bone

Vigilance longsword Vigilance (longsword)
Vigilance greatsword ico Vigilance (greatsword)

Golem's Might

IconGolemShellArmor Golem Shell Armor


  • This quest will only trigger after completing one main plot quest. If you find any ingredients before that, Wade will be set as a plot character (arrow above his head), but he won't engage in proper conversation with the Warden, until the condition is met.

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