A Manuscript of Some Authority is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The ancient Tevinter manuscript has some marvelous diagrams, but Frederic is unable to read the script.

Acquisition Edit

The quest is acquired by completing How to Lure a Dragon, via dialogue with Frederic.

Walkthrough Edit

  • Find the Tevinter writing on Dragon Luring. The manuscript is found in the Still Ruins. It is in a small room on the west side of the Hall of Silence, the same room that contains a Veilfire torch.
  • Deliver the manuscript to Frederic, and he will ask if the Inquisitor can translate it. The Inquisitor suggests that the Inquisition may have access to someone who can. Unlocks the War Table operation Translate the Dragon Text. This costs 5 Power to complete.
Note: If Dorian is in the party he will add a unique line of dialogue.
  • After completing the operation, return to Frederic to complete the quest.

Rewards Edit

Deliver the manuscript to Frederic. Edit

  • 242 XP
  • 80 Influence

Return to Frederic (with the translated manuscript). Edit

  • 242 XP
  • 80 Influence

Results Edit

Notes Edit

  • If Dorian is present in the party when Frederic says he cannot translate the writing, he will claim it to be of ancient Tevinter origin.
  • You can pick up this book while in Still Ruins without having the quest. When you turn in the prerequisite quests, you can simply hand Frederic the book and turn this quest in immediately. (This was the case when already on prerequisite quests. Not sure if you can still pick it up if you have never spoken to Frederic.)

Bug Edit

If Sharper White Claws has advanced to the point where the White Claw Raiders have been killed, but the quest not turned in to Frederic (with the dialogue "The raiders are dead."), turning in the translated manuscript and completing this quest will make him assume that quest has been completed, removing the dialogue option to complete it. It will remain incomplete in the journal, with no reward granted, while advancing the quest chain to The Abyssal High Dragon.

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