A Lost Nug is a side quest from The Nug Wrangler in Orzammar Commons.


Help Nug Wrangler Boermor find some lost nugs. The quest ends when you retrieve one nug, but you can still trade more in for money.


In Orzammar several small, pink creatures await. These are nugs. Grab them and take them back to Nug Wranger Boermor and he will pay twelve silvers. This quest is repeatable. Every nug returned fetches twelve silvers, and 25 experience points

Nugs are available in the following locations:

  • North of the Nug Wrangler, off to the left.
  • South of the Nug Wrangler, just before the Deep Roads entrance.
  • In front of The Proving, on the bridge (have to walk down it a little ways to see it).
  • Next to Brother Burkel.
  • Hiding in an alleyway, just past Janar's armory shop; next to Filda (Ruck's mother).
  • It is not possible to acquire Leliana's Cute Nug for this quest, nor can you box up the Spirit Hog, or either nug that appears in The Pearl by selecting the "Surprise me." conversation option.

Note: The nugs squeak when they are passed.
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