A Little Knight Music is a Mage spell for Zither in the Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer.

Information Edit

  • Requires: Fire Chord, Cold Chord
  • Adds 52 Armor bonus for a total of 16 additional armor on Allies
  • Radius 8 meters
  • Duration: 12 Seconds

Upgrades Edit

A Little Knight Music icon One-Hit Wonders
Range: 8 meters
Duration: 12 seconds
Requires: A Little Knight Music
A Little Knight Music now reduces the armor of enemies in the area.

Armor reduction: 20%

Trivia Edit

  • The title of this might be a reference to the Stephen Sondheim musical, "A Little Night Music". However, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik is the original score, and was written by Mozart, not Stephen Sondheim.