Goodwife Sarha of Lothering has gone missing for the better part of a week. She is presumed dead, and a reward is offered for recovering any of her personal effects. (Bandits, Bandits, Everywhere must be completed for this job to be posted.)

Walkthrough Edit

Sarha's body is on a grassy rise north of Lothering, near the landmark tree and a large pack of wolves. Retrieve Sarha's Keepsake from her body and bring it to Chanter Devons for a reward.

Rewards Edit

  • 50DAO silverpiece trans
  • 150 XP

If this is the last quest on Lothering Chanter's Board to be turned in, additionally receive:

Ico longsword Oathkeeper and 250 XP

Notes Edit

  • This will not be a separate quest entry, but a subsection of the "Chanter's Board" entry under the "Lothering" tab in the Quest Journal.
  • There is a tree near the corpse, identified as 'Landmark tree', which is Dog's earliest opportunity to achieve Mabari Dominance.
  • It is presumed, though not confirmed, that Sarha is the mother of the Little Boy to whom you must talk before crossing the bridge into the second half of Lothering.

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