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A King's Confidant is a quest in Return to Ostagar DLC during which the Warden discovers that there is reason to return to Ostagar. It can be started at any point after visiting Lothering, including from an epilogue save.


Once the quest Lothering and the Imperial Highway is complete, this quest will appear in the journal. In order to start it, travel to Bann Loren's Lands, a new location that will appear on the World map between Lake Calenhad Docks and the Civil War location.


Note: Companions who had some involvement with the Battle for Ostagar - Wynne, Alistair and the Secret Companion - will have additional dialogue during this quest.
  • On arrival in Bann Loren's Lands, witness a confrontation between a man you recognize as Elric Maraigne, one of King Cailan's honour guard, and some of Bann Loren's men. Either intervene or wait until the guards have departed.
  • Once the guards are dead or gone, speak to Elric, who will tell you about a chest containing Maric's Blade and some documents dealing with the relations between Ferelden and Orlais, and the key to this chest hidden by a statue.
  • Completing this conversation will unlock Codex entry: Return to Ostagar - Credits and result in the Return to Ostagar appearing in the journal.


The Warden can now return to Ostagar, to retrieve King Cailan's lost arms and armor, and to discover what became of his body. The Warden can also retrieve their mentor Duncan's sword and dagger by looting the ogre at the end. If Alistair is with the party, he will strongly recommend that he and Wynne accompany the Warden to Ostagar, but this is not mandatory.