A Job for the Valo-Kas Mercenaries is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


Note: This quest chain is available to Qunari Inquisitors only.

Available after completing In Your Heart Shall Burn.

Operation text


I heard you got promoted by the little sharp human and the redheaded one. How much are they paying you? Should I send Taarlok to check over your new contract? You know the first rule: Never trust humans with numbers.

Sorry, I got distracted. That's not what this message is about.

The Kith's getting restless. You can only spend so much time sitting on your ass surrounded by humans before you get a little bored. You're in charge of the hairy eyeball soldiers now, right? You can find us a job. Quick. Because if I have to listen to Kaariss's attempts at poetry much longer, I'm going to cut him a second mouth-hole somewhere south of the first one.


P.S. There are thirty-four new "sonnets" Kaariss is waiting to perform when you get back. And I think he wrote a sestina. From now on, pretend you can't hear.

Advisor suggestions

Note: The time listed is the time it takes with no agents.

Josephine - 1:00:00

I have a supply caravan that could use an armed escort through the Dales.

Leliana - 1:00:00

One of my agents needs access to a nobles estate. The mercenaries can serve as a cover.

Cullen - 0:48:00

We have several reports of demon attacks from rifts that Qunari blades might solve.




We're back from guarding that caravan. Lots of fighting. Why is the tiny gold human shipping things across a battlefield? Maybe tell her that's a bad idea. Or don't. We could use more work.




The redhead hired us out to a noble who wanted muscle and told us to sneak her agent in with our kith. Problem was, her agent was an elf so small, I could use him for a toothpick.

Taarlok tried painting him grey and putting him on stilts, but after the little thing couldn't walk, we just stuck him in a trunk with our gear. Worked out, more or less. Don't think he likes trunks anymore.




Demons. You got us demons. Some of them were On Fire. You're the best, Adaar. You don't have to replace that broken blade for me now. We're even.



All advisors

  • Common Vitaar Icon Blightwasp Vitaar
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