A Greener Garden is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

With the right materials, improvements can be made to Skyhold's garden.

Acquisition Edit

Obtained by picking up the Skyhold Garden Recipe on the desk in the Inquisitor's Quarters in Skyhold.

Note: Once the Inquisition arrives at Skyhold, the Inquisitor must choose the option [Special] "Tell me more of yourself," when speaking with Solas (see approval for this option's prerequisites) or fast travel to another location and return to Skyhold in order to access his/her Quarters.

Walkthrough Edit

Gather the necessary items:

Return to any of the requisition tables and craft the item "Skyhold Garden" and the quest will complete.

Rewards Edit

Allows the garden upgrade to be built in Skyhold.

Chantry garden: Provides a one time war table mission, it does not however allow tithes to be collected from the chapel as the description implies.

Herb garden: Due to the fact you can now grow herbs the garden provides a steady amount of extra gold. The number of planters differs depending on class. 3 for warrior, 6 for mage and rogue. With all relevant Inquisition perks (Connections, sterling reputation and elite clientele) the most profitable herbs are rare tier 3 (Felandaris, etc.) which sell for 30g each. The planters are not effected by the perk optimal cutting from the secrets category.

Bug icon Bug! The requisition table states crafting the "Skyhold Garden" should grant 1 Power, but it does not.

Results Edit

See Major Upgrades for detailed information on how to use the requisition item and upgrade Skyhold's garden.

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