A Greener Garden is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

With the right materials, improvements can be made to Skyhold's garden.

Acquisition Edit

Obtained by picking up the Skyhold Garden Recipe on the desk in the Inquisitor's Quarters in Skyhold.

Note: The Inquisitor's Quarters are part of the second stage of Skyhold's renovations and as such can only be entered after leaving Skyhold once and returning. This can be done by either physically traveling to another area via the World Map or conversing with Solas using the: [Special] "tell me more of yourself." A scene will trigger with Solas taking the Inquisitor to Haven via a dream (see Solas' approval page for this option's prerequisites).

Walkthrough Edit

Gather the necessary items:

Invest in the garden space to increase utility while reflecting the Inquisition's needs. Increase the ability to grow herbs, or create a Chanrty space to gather resources from the faithful. Reward: +1 Power
Return to any of the requisition tables and craft the item labeled "Skyhold Garden" to complete the quest.

Rewards Edit

  • Skyhold Garden unlocked
  • 1 Power

Results Edit

  • See Major Upgrades for detailed information on how to use the requisition item and upgrade Skyhold's garden.

Notes Edit

  • Chantry Garden: Provides a one time war table mission, it does not however allow tithes to be collected from the chapel as the description implies.
  • Herb Garden: Growing herbs in the garden can provide a steady amount of extra gold. The number of planters differs depending on class. Three for warriors or six for mages and rogues. With all relevant Inquisition perks (Connections, sterling reputation and elite clientele) the most profitable herbs are rare tier 3 (Felandaris, etc.) which sell for
    30 Currency (Inquisition) each.
  • Skyhold planters do not benefit by from Optimal Cutting Inquisition perk.

Bugs Edit

  • pcIcon pc The requisition table states crafting the "Skyhold Garden" will grant 1 Power, however upon completion zero power is awarded.
  • pcIcon pc Once a garden upgrade is selected, Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Skyhold Garden automatically unlocks and a scroll will appear on the well. Interacting with the scroll will grant XP regardless of the garden upgrade choosen.
  • The unlocked scroll will contribute to the Patron of the Arts song collection only if the Herb Garden option is selected. If the Chantry Garden option is selected purchasing the codex from Willvan afterwards does not update the collection counter. However, the collection can still be completed once all available songs have been obtained.
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