A Golem's Memories is Shale's companion quest in Dragon Age: Origins. It requires The Stone Prisoner DLC.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

If you brought Shale with you in the Anvil of the Void, it is told about its origin by Caridin. This will prompt Shale to remember the location of Cadash Thaig, allowing you to travel there. You can speak to Shale immediately after the final battle at the Anvil and viewing the stone tablet there to initiate the quest.

If Shale was not with you during Anvil of the Void, it will talk to you in Party Camp, wanting to know what happened to Caridin and the Anvil. Shale will give you the quest even if you admit to killing Caridin, but not if you reveal you did so because he was protecting the Anvil. However, you still suffer a major approval loss. When you travel to Aeducan Thaig, Caridin's Cross or Ortan Thaig in the Deep Roads with Shale, it will remember the location of Cadash Thaig and mark it on your map.

Once in Cadash Thaig, fight through the town up to the bridge where you fight an Ogre alpha and some shrieks. You will then be free to approach the golem monument (but you must have Shale in your party, otherwise the monument will not be active). Approach the monument and there will be a short cutscene with Shale.

Note: You can finish all of Cadash Thaig without Shale, but you will need it to complete the quest. To do this, go back to camp, put Shale in your party, then go back to Cadash Thaig and run through all of it.

Completing the quest will unlock the Stone's Lament achievement and potentially give you Approves (+21) with Shale.

Approval[edit | edit source]

  • In the Party Camp conversation, Shale disapproves being told it used to be squishy Disapproves (-4) and asking it where you should go Disapproves (-3).

Rewards[edit | edit source]

As in Wilhelm's Cellar, there are many crystals for Shale here, though of a much better quality.

  • 1500 XP after interacting with the Golem Monument to reveal Shale's past

Blood-Gorged Amulet Blood-Gorged Amulet, dropped by Hurlock emissary
Cadash Stompers Cadash Stompers, dropped by Ogre alpha
Dead Thaig Shanker Dead Thaig Shanker, in a broken chest

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Shale is only required to be in the party to unlock Cadash Thaig on the Deep Roads Map and to initiate dialogue with the monument after all darkspawn are dead. You may leave it behind while clearing darkspawn and return with it another time.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • pcPCThe quest may disappear from the active quest list.
  • ps3PS3When you complete this quest, the quest will disappear from your current quests list, but it will not appear in your completed quests.
  • xbox360Xbox360There are some areas in Cadash Thaig where the player can slip out of the map boundaries.
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