A Glowing Key is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Rebel mage glowing key

The Rebel Mage

Find the cabin located in the area known as Apostate's Landing near the northern most two objective points of the quest Wardens of the Coast. The area is centrally located between three points, northeast of Small Grove Camp, southeast of the Morrin's Steps marker and northwest of The Stone Tree marker. Once inside the cabin, interact with the locked door.
Note: The door can not be unlocked at this time.

From this point, the holder of the key known as "Rebel Mage" can spawn in various locations around the Storm Coast, including right in Apostate's Landing. Rebel Mage is encountered randomly wandering around the Storm Coast and will attack on sight; be aware that this is a boss creature and possesses strong fire resistance and fire spells. Kill the mage and loot the Glowing Key to begin the logged quest A Glowing Key.
Note: Rebel Mage will not spawn until the cabin is discovered and the locked door within has attempted to be opened. However simply interacting with the locked door prior to obtaining the key will NOT give this quest--it is obtained only after the actual key has been looted.

Walkthrough Edit

Mighty offense potion recipe location

Cabin location

Go to the locked door in the cabin and try to opening it. Rebel Mage will then spawn randomly throughout the Storm Coast. Next track down and defeat Rebel Mage to obtain the Glowing Key. The cabin's location will now be marked on the quest map after looting the key. Return to the cabin and open the locked door to complete the quest.

A codex entry can be found on the table just inside and two chests can be opened in the basement; one contains the Mighty Offense Tonic recipe icon Mighty Offense Tonic Recipe and the other contains random loot.

Rewards Edit

  • 44 XP (obtained from codex entry)
  • 40 Influence
  • Mighty Offense Tonic recipe icon Mighty Offense Tonic Recipe (looted from chest)

Notes Edit

If locating Rebel Mage proves difficult, mount your horse inside the cabin and dismount right by the locked door. If done correctly you can dismount on the other side allowing access to the items inside without obtaining the key.

Codex entries Edit

Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Notes Found in a Mage's Hut

Companion quotes Edit

Upon entering the basement located beneath the locked room, all companions with the exception of Dorian will remark on the ghastly scene.

A glowing key shrine

The shrine in the basement

Cassandra: "This place makes my skin crawl."

Solas: "This place is unpleasant."

Vivienne: "This place is horrid..."

Sera: "Haha... Creepy, yeah?"

Iron Bull: "This place is creepy."

Cole: "I don't like it here."

Blackwall: "I wouldn't linger here."

Varric: "This place is creepy."

Dorian: "Right, adventure. All part of the experience."

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