A Glade is an action card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is available only in the Deepwoods region of The Applewoods deck.

Description Edit

The grass is soft, and bedded with springy moss. Bright wildflowers glow around the glade's edge. The air is calm.

Available actions Edit

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Rouse your party to press on
(Requires 30 Health)
They are weary, and want only to rest for a while.
Difficulty: Rulership*
Success: -1 Hour Remaining, +4 Closing In
Failure: -1 Hour Remaining, -10 Health, +1 Closing In


Gather Herbs
What might you find?
Difficulty: Woods-wise*2
Success: -1 Hour Remaining, +1 Elfroot
Failure: -1 Hour Remaining


Press on Alone
There's no time to rest. If your companions can't keep up, you'll go on without them.
Difficulty: Derring-Do*6/5 (Derring-Do*13/12 if already Alone)
Success: +4 Closing In, -1 Hour Remaining, gain Alone
Failure: +1 Closing In, -2 Hour Remaining, -10 Health


Linger in the glade and recover your strength.
-1 Hour Remaining, +20 Health, +(2 to 6) Twilight

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