A Friend of Red Jenny is a companion quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition, whereby the Herald of Andraste is given the opportunity to recruit Sera as a companion.

The strange message, delivered via arrow, said there is an enemy of the Inquisition waiting to strike in Val Royeaux. It said to search the market, cafe, and docks for things that are red.

Acquisition Edit

After the confrontation with the Templars when the Herald of Andraste first enters Val Royeaux, an arrow will be fired into the ground near the Central Rotunda, which is remarked upon by Cassandra. This arrow has a note attached to it.

Walkthrough Edit

The note on the arrow appears as follows:

Favors for Favors for Friends

A message is attached, written in a large flowing hand and bordered with doodles:

People say you're special. I want to help, and I can bring everyone.

There's a baddie in Val Royeaux. I hear he wants to hurt you. Have a search for the red things in the market, the docks, and 'round the cafe, and maybe you'll meet him first. Bring swords.

Friends of Red Jenny

A poor drawing of the locations in the market is attached.

You are tasked with locating three red handkerchiefs hidden around the Summer Bazaar in Val Royeaux:

  • The Docks are located through the gate behind Mother Hevara; the item is at the back, to the left.
  • The Cafe is to the immediate right of the southern section of the area; the item is on the ground between the tables.
  • The Upper Market is accessed using the Fast Travel doors. Using the door nearest the cafe, select the upper level and choose the inner of the two doors; the correct level has red doors instead of blue. The item is to the left.

The three clues put together reveal that you are being watched and followed. You now have a location on the world map (Secluded Courtyard), a key to access it, and a time to be there. You reach there at night, and will be immediately ambushed, having to fight three mercenaries and an archer on the upper level.

Past the blue door, a masked man shoots fireballs at you. During his speech, but before he can say much, an elven woman appears, and slits the throat of one of his men, then kills him with an arrow to the head. She then addresses the Herald and wars of reinforcements coming, but advises that the fight will be easy as he as stolen the men's breeches. True to her word, three mercenaries (one with a longbow) without any bottoms appear and attack you. After you kill them, the elf introduces herself as Sera, and says that she is a member of the group called Friends of Red Jenny, and that she wishes to join the Inquisition.

At this point, the Herald can ask her if she will provide noble allies, spies, or soldiers, to all of which she says no. After a little more banter, you can choose whether or not to accept her into the Inquisition. You will receive Codex entry: Sera and Codex entry: The Friends of Red Jenny upon completion of the quest.

Rewards Edit

  • 177 XP
  • Influence 80
  • Power 1

Results Edit

Notes Edit

  • The note on the arrow is not a codex entry and doesn't appear in the codex; see gallery below.
  • The man who is killed by Sera seems to be a noble, yet he is a mage, and mages are forbidden from claiming nobility. It is not explained how a mage managed to be an Orlesian noble.

Codex entries Edit

Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Sera
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: The Friends of Red Jenny

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