A Friend pays coin to Hawke for killing thugs operating in the neighborhoods of Kirkwall. She is located in the southwestern part of the Hanged Man at night, in the room around the bend from Varric Tethras's room and across from Martin's.

Involvement Edit

She first appears when you finish your first raid on a gang's main base (such as the Sharps Highwaymen in Lowtown) once you go outside. At first, she doesn't mention who she is working for, but only instructs Hawke and his/her party to keep the streets safe at night. In turn, she will reward them for their services.

The directions to these bases, written down on a note, are dropped by the corresponding group of criminals once enough groups have been successfully eliminated. Not every sizable corner or thoroughfare will immediately have a group, requiring you to return to the map on separate occasions.

Additional encounters may be available after receiving the note with the location of the base. Continue through the district or come back another night before clearing out the base for additional XP.

After Kirkwall is purged of all hostile elements in Act 3, the Friend thanks Hawke on behalf of the enigmatic Friends of Red Jenny, revealing her allegiance and rewarding Hawke with additional gold and the Woodsman's Ire axe. She then leaves the Hanged Man and is not seen again.

Related quests:
Act 1:
Pier Pressure (Docks), Sharp Little Pinpricks (Lowtown), Night Lies (Hightown)
Act 2:
The Lowdown (Docks), Hometown Breed (Lowtown), Ladies' Lights Out (Hightown)
Act 3:
Reining It In (Docks), Kind of Want (Lowtown), Red Run Streets (Hightown)

Note: All of these quests are done only during nighttime.

Notes Edit

  • It's best to turn in each group's missions individually for 6DAO goldpiece trans and 1500 XP total.
    • 2DAO goldpiece trans and 500 XP each time you turn in a single quest.
    • 3DAO goldpiece trans and 750 XP if you turn in 2 of the quests at once
    • 4DAO goldpiece trans and 1000 XP if you turn in all 3 quests at once.

Bugs Edit

  • pcIcon pcps3Icon ps3xbox360Icon xbox360 If the game slows down immediately after turning in the last quest (due to a brief pause, lag or even entering companion quest dialogue with Varric Tethras or Isabela) then two Woodsman's Ire axes will be awarded by A Friend, in addition to another 5DAO goldpiece trans (total 12 DAO goldpiece trans) and 800 XP (total 2100 XP).
  • pcIcon pc During Hawke's dialogue, after finishing one of the quests, if the game is saved and then loaded, you will receive an additional 1DAO goldpiece trans and 250XP. This can be exploited for infinite XP and DAO goldpiece trans by quicksaving right after the XP gain is visible then quickloading (tested on v1.04).
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