A Fistful of Silver is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins. It is the second burglary of the Crime Wave quest line.

Acquisition Edit

Rendon Howe, as the new Arl of Denerim, is secretly moving silver bars from the city's treasury to his estate in Highever. At the time of the quest, a large portion of them is located in the Market Warehouse guarded by the hand-picked soldiers of Teyrn Howe right before they are moved out of Denerim. Howe's guards along with the chests appear only if the Warden pays 4DAO goldpiece trans to Slim Couldry.

Walkthrough Edit

Once you enter the Market Warehouse, the guards of Rendon Howe will attack (unless you are using Master Stealth). There are three crossbowmen around the perimeter. Four more (normal ranked) will engage in melee and two guard leaders (lieutenant ranked) are far deeper into the warehouse. Stealth is not an option as you cannot leave the area while in combat mode.

Once the fight is over, the Warden can unlock the three chests (Device Mastery is required) and acquire a total of six Silver Bars which can be sold to any merchant for profit. The quest is completed after you steal from any silver chest.

Enemies Edit

Notes Edit

  • Area-based spells can be helpful in this fight.
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