A Father's Name is a side quest from the Jaws of Hakkon DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

A woman prepares bodies for sky burial at Stone-Bear Hold. Caldan Enversen's body should receive special rites; however, his son failed to complete them. As guests of the hold, the Inquisition may present the required offering as a gift.

Acquisition Edit

Obtained after speaking with Gyda Myrdotten at the Stone-Bear Hold. Gyda directs the Inquisitor to speak with the Master of the Hunt, who explains that the offering must be made from three beasts throughout the Frostback Basin that have been touched by the Fade. The Inquisitor can also speak to Finn, Caldan's son, to discover why he has failed to complete this sacred duty himself.

Walkthrough Edit

Talk with the Huntsman. He'll instruct you to kill three fade-touched beasts located as follows:

  • The Fade-Touched Lurker is northwest of the Basin Floor Camp. It is protected by a pack of other Lurkers which must be dealt with first.
  • The Fade-Touched Gurgut is northwest of the Swampside Camp, near the Blood-Stained shrine and not far from where Colette is first met for Worthy of Publication. Follow the stream in front of the shrine upward and to the left.
  • The Fade-Touched Giant spider can be found downriver from the Canyon Camp, just past the shard door to Solasan. It is aided by numerous Giant Spiders and Poisonous spiders. The Fade-Touched Spider will retreat farther into the cave, gaining additional reinforcements along the way.

After killing all three Fade-Touched creatures, the Inquisitor must decide whether to offer the creatures' pelts to Finn or to the Master of the Hunt.

Rewards Edit

  • Providing the offering to Finn yields:
  • DAIApproval Sera Slightly Approves
  • DAIApproval Varric Slightly Approves
  • DAIApproval Cole Slightly Approves
  • 2 Power
  • No point approval for Guests of the Hold upon completion.
  • Providing the offering to the Huntsman yields:
  • DAIApproval Cassandra Slightly Approves
  • DAIApproval Vivienne Slightly Approves
  • 2 Power
  • 1 point approval for Guests of the Hold.

Notable loot Edit

  • The following can be found in a pile of bones near the Fade-Touched Lurker:
  • Unique belt icon Master Belt of Focus
  • Rendors Blade icon Skywatcher's Cleaver
  • The following can be found in corpses near the Fade-Touched Gurgut:
  • DAI-Unique-Sword-icon1 Knight's Hunting Blade
  • Inquisition-Shield-Schematic-icon2 Masterwork Grey Warden Shield Schematic
  • Unique belt icon Master Guard Belt
  • Inquisition-Staff-Schematic-icon1 Masterwork Enchanter Staff Schematic

Notes Edit

  • The Veilfire torch found near the Fade-Touched Lurker nest can be used to find Veil Quartz on the western ledge above the camp. The Veil Quartz deposit is a bit tricky to reach, for a detailed map see the Veil Quartz page.
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