A Daughter Ransomed is a quest received by talking to the Private at Vigil's Keep.

Walkthrough Edit

Travel to Forlorn Cove where the kidnappers are waiting for you. Cross the bridge and talk to them.

  • Persuade or intimidate them to convince the kidnappers to send the girl first. Once you have the girl, you have the option kill them or give them 30 DAO goldpiece trans. If you choose to intimidate them, a few kidnappers will run away, making any ensuing battle easier.
  • If you don't have a high enough coercion or you don't even attempt to persuade or intimidate them, they will kill the girl no matter what. If you hand them the 30 DAO goldpiece trans they demand without you having the girl, you won't get back your gold once you fought them.

If you successfully rescue the girl, when you return to Vigil's Keep the private will have a new letter from Bensley for you. This will trigger a very short quest Bensley's Gratitude.

Rewards Edit

Ico dagger Tooth of the Mountain-Father
  • 500 XP

Approval Edit

If you rescue the girl:

Ico Appr Heart Anders approves (+1)
Ico Appr Heart Nathaniel approves (+2)
Ico Appr Heart Oghren approves (+2)
Ico Appr Heart Justice approves (+2) or Ico Appr Heart Justice approves (+1) if you successfully intimidate
Ico Appr Heart Sigrun approves (+2)
Ico Appr Heart Velanna approves (+1)

If you fail or give money to the kidnappers:

Ico DisAppr Heart Anders disapproves (-3)
Ico DisAppr Heart Nathaniel disapproves (-3)

Bugs Edit

  • pcIcon pc Some players get an error message in the upper left corner of the screen when the fight starts, especially after convincing the kidnappers to send the girl first. It reads 'ERROR: Cannot execute function "Working"'. However this doesn't seem to have any negative impact on the quest.
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