A Dalish Perspective is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

A clan of Dalish elves has set up a camp somewhere in the plains. Their knowledge of the area could prove beneficial.

Acquisition Edit

This quest is acquired from Olafin in the Exalted Plains, or will be given after talking to Marshall Proulx in Fort Revasan while completing Another Side, Another Story. Its purpose is to guide the Inquisitor to the Dalish Encampment in the area, therefore, it cannot be completed if the Dalish camp is found before the quest is obtained.

To find Olafin, start at the Path of Flame camp and head north-west towards the Western Ramparts. Travel along the path southwest of the ramparts (directly across from Corporal Rosselin) into the woods and follow the road south a short distance.

Defeat the three armoured corpses then speak to Olafin. Select "Who are you?" to obtain the quest proper.

Walkthrough Edit

  • Find the Dalish camp.

Head west and continue along the path towards the quest marker. It is possible to encounter demons along the way, so if the party is underleveled it might be a better idea to simply avoid them. Cross the river and arrive at the camp to complete the quest.

Note: If a non-elven Inquisitor speaks to Hawen and selects "I met one of your hunters", they will receive DAIApproval Dalish Favor +1 for the quest By the Grace of the Dalish. If the Inquisitor hasn't yet obtained that quest, the above dialogue both triggers the new quest and grants the favor.


  • 128 XP
  • 80 Influence

Results Edit

  • The Dalish Encampment becomes a fast travel point.

Approval Edit

  • Non-Elf Inquisitor to Olafin: "You're friendly, for a Dalish." - DAIApproval Sera Slightly Approves if she is in the party.


  • If you discover the camp before speaking to Olafin, he will disappear from the game and you will neither be able to add this quest to the journal nor gain the dialogue option that earns favor. You will still get the XP for discovering the camp.
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