A Cowled Visitor is a market day action card in Dragon Age: The Last Court.

Description Edit

Her bow is cursory. White armor gleams under her cloak. "You are expecting an esteemed guest," she says. "If you like, I will tell you a secret that your guest would not want revealed." You ask what she asks in exchange. "Only to see it used," she says. Her smile sits uncomfortably on her stern face. Her fingers toy with the pendant at her throat: a sunburst with an eye at its heart - the symbol of The Seekers of Truth. Few even know of the Seekers' existence. They were the Chantry's spies and enforcers: silk to the Templars' steel. But if The Wayward Bard's sources are correct, the Seekers have recently split from the Chantry...

Available actions Edit


You will need every advantage you can bring to bear.
Result: +1 Secret, +20 Clues


Turn her away
You are many things, but never a pawn.
Result: +20 Dignity, +(1-3) Authority, +10 Clues

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