A Conspiracy of Dunces is a war table mission in the Jaws of Hakkon DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition


Available after recruiting Trader Helsdim Rolfsen in Stone-Bear Hold in the Frostback Basin.

Operation text

This Aavar trader, Helsdim Rolfsen, sent us a report claiming that "a Plot against your Inquisitor" is brewing in Churneau. He put forth some very fanciful theories (some speculation about "Andrastian bloodlines" and "northern magic formulae developed to Control Weather"), but I recognized a few names. Petty agitators are spreading rumors to attract attention from higher places. If Rolfsen can identify the cabal's ringleaders, I can end it before it does us any real harm.


Adviser suggestions

Josephine - ? minutes

I am sorry, but this is too ridiculous. Let us send an agent of our own to investigate any "conspiracy."

Leliana - ? minutes

Helsdim thinks he is resourceful. Let him prove it by giving us the names of the leaders.

Cullen - Locked

Not Participating in this Mission.



One of our spies arrived in Churneau to confirm Rolfsen's report. The men and women in question have all left the city. The trail is too cold to follow. It is unlikely we will ever know if there was anything to this conspiracy after all.




I tracked the conspirators in Churneau to a Great Estate outside the city, where I pretended to be only a humble vendor selling Avvar wares to Noble Orlesians, as many Orlesians find our crafted items "A Good Conversation Piece." In the courtyard were many other traders, and servants going over their Goods, and I made the acquaintance of a maid who was Much Enamored with my frame. She proceeded to give me gossip on who was feasting with her Lord that night, and how the affair was mysteriously Hushed with Covered Carriages and Masks. I have written the Names of those guests down on the next sheet, in the Cipher you gave me.

The other traders did not notice (but I did) chalked marks on the wall that could only be Coded Words from the Scions of Andraste I wrote to you about last letter, or notes from an even Greater Master all these conspirators serve! I have sketched these Strange Scripts from memory and will also send them to you. There are many. I will need to use three crows.


This "secret script" is, at first guess, Duke Genelle's three-year-old daughter drawing on the walls. The names of his dinner guests are very useful, however. Publicly they have been feuding. Privately, it seems they and the Duke are quite cozy. I can put this information to good use; Genelle has sharply criticized us in Orlesian circles.




  • 240 Influence


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