A Change in Leadership is a quest received from The Blackstone Irregulars Quest Board, and is the last quest from that particular board.


A power struggle has erupted inside the Irregulars between father (Raelnor) and son (Taoran). It is up to you to settle this in a way you see fit .


Initially, the quest will tell you to go find (and kill) Raelnor - who happens to be located in the alleyway right in front of where you enter the Denerim Market District from the World Map. Upon speaking with him, you can decide to go one of two ways: kill Raelnor and encourage the Irregulars to engage in cutthroat, shady business; or kill Taoron, and retain the current quasi-honorable business practices of the Irregulars.

Making this decision is accomplished through the dialogue with Raelnor. The three outcomes are as follows:

  • Kill Raelnor: the dialogue ends, combat begins, quest over.
  • Kill Taoran: the dialogue ends, and you have to go find Taoran. During one of the next travels on the World Map you will have an encounter. Speak to Taoran, inform him of your decision, and kill him.
  • After having spoken with Raelnor and Taoron, you can decide to not side with either of them, and walk away from the conflict entirely.
  • If you don't choose the option to kill Taoron, you can choose to Intimidate Taoron and ask him what his life is worth. He will give you 3 Gold and not do business with you any longer.

Return to any Blackstone representative for your reward.

  • Take Note - This quest has been known to bug out a lot. The only way to complete this quest without it bugging out is to only accept it from the Denerim Blackstone Irregulars inside the Gnawed Noble Tavern. Then, immediately go outside and kill or side with Raelnor without traveling anywhere on the World Map, otherwise you'll run into Taoran and the quest will bug out making Raelnor disappear and you'll have no way to finish it. (Even doing this successfully, it still has bugs, if you kill Raelnor you'll still run into Taoran for no reason what-so-ever, but at least you'll be able to complete it)
  • There is yet another bug I have experienced the 3 times I did this quest. All 3 times, i sided with Raelnor. I then map travelled, random encountered Taoron, killed him and his men. And then left. I doubt it is just my game, but sometimes it takes a while for kills to register. So the quest didn't update at Taoron's campsite and I had to travel multiple times to re-encounter it and wait while it loaded that Taoron was actually dead.
  • There is another way to do this quest even if it buggs out. If you forgot to talk to Raelnor first, and thus accidentally meet Taoran's party first while traveling and "bugg" the quest, simply DO NOT talk to Taoran at this first meeting. Leave the area without talking to Taoran, go back to Denerim and Raelnor will still be there. Now you can talk to Raelnor, make your decision, and then when traveling between towns the next few times, you will yet again meet with Taoran's party. This, second, time you can talk to Raelnor and finish the quest.
  • It's possible this has been addressed with the latest patch. I did not save while accomplishing, just in case, and proceeded directly to map travel without talking to Raelnor in Denerim. I spoke to Taoran and found the only dialog choice to be 'Nothing right now.' Upon reaching my destination and questing there, I then returned to Denerim and spoke with Raelnor, with whom I agreed on in matters of running the guild. I then map-travelled again, encountered Taoran and defeated him and his party. I received credit for the deed in Redcliffe from the Blackstone Irregular representative there without encountering any "irregularities" in the game at all. (Note: It has not been fixed yet, my game is fully patched and this bug occured)


  • 3DAO goldpiece trans for intimidating Taoron (no reward from the Blackstone Irregulars).
  • Around 6DAO goldpiece trans for killing Taoron: Around 1DAO goldpiece trans 50DAO silverpiece trans from the spoils of battle plus 4DAO goldpiece trans for quest completion from the Blackstone Irregulars.
  • Around 6DAO goldpiece trans for killing Raelnor: Around 1DAO goldpiece trans 50DAO silverpiece trans from the spoils of battle plus 4DAO goldpiece trans for quest completion from the Blackstone Irregulars.
  • It's also possible to get no reward at all if you "see [Taoron's] point" when you encounter him after agreeing with Raelnor to turn on him. The quest log will simply state that you walked away from it.

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